A Modern Solution To An Age Old Problem

Who has never misplaced their keys or gone on holiday only to discover they have forgotten their bathing suit? Soon that maybe a thing of the past. U Grok It is an inventive little device that takes the pain out of finding misplaced objects.

Using passive RFID technology it turns your iPhone into an electronic sniffer dog. The U Grok it team inform us that the tags are so inexpensive, that all your belongings can be managed, not just just high value items.  Simply fix the special tags to items you want to find (this has to be done before you lose them) and using an adapter attached to the front of your iPhone you can scan the room looking for those hidden objects.

This may seem like a limited functionality, but combined with smart phone app it allows for all kinds of novel uses. Imagine you are photographer off to a wedding shoot, but when you arrive you discover you are missing your favourite camera! If you have tagged all your equipment you can then use the phone to build a list of items you need to take. By scanning your luggage before you set off, U Grok it will warn you of any missing items from the list.

So if like me you are always leaving stuff behind this is the perfect solution to an absent mind. If only a could remember where I left my phone.

U Grok It is currently in development, taking reservations for those who want to purchase when it is available.