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Your Media Friend is a small collective of designers and programmers, specializing in web development for small to medium size companies and ecommerce sites. We provide a full range of creative services ranging from logo development and company stationary to full branding proposals and designs for interactive media.

We all work remotely, sharing our combined knowledge online without the overheads of transport and office space. It is a working practice which allows us to focus more time on projects and reduces costs. Savings which are in turn passed down to our customers whilst offering a high quality of work.

The team has come together over several years and consists of friends, family and old work colleagues. We are all passionate about the world of digital technology and are constantly striving to create new and exciting interactive experiences. We take great pride in our work and for that reason we do not farm our projects out to overseas IT companies. The quality of our work is as important to us as it is to our clients.

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