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Creative Services

Your Media Friend will work closely with you to produce thoughtful and tailored designs to suit your business needs. Whether you are a start up needing a full branding solution or you have an established brand but want it revitalising, we have the creative experience to develop a fresh and stylish new profile.

Branding, Identity & Logo Design

Although often mistaken to mean the same branding, identity and logo are related but different.

  • Brand refers to the overall perceived image or emotion of your company.
  • Identity is the visual representation of the brand.
  • A Logo is a mark or icon that identifies your company

At Your Media Friend we understand the importance of all three and we know how to unify each of the element to give you your company a strong brand with a clear identity.

What makes a good Logo?

The word logo is an abbreviation of the word logotype or logogram, which is defined as ‘a symbol representing a phrase, word, or idea.’  In an ever increasing and competitive global marketplace it is important for your company to standout and be recognised. It is estimated that an average person is exposed to over 200 business logos per hour!

A good and effective logo should follow a few basic design principles

  • Distinctive, unique and memorable.
  • Functional, scalable and versatile.
  • Timeless
  • Simple
  • Representative

It sounds easy enough but getting it right takes experience. We are here to share our experience with you, to create a logo that follows these principles and properly represent your company.

Web and Interaction Design

Our creative team have many years of experience creating interactive interfaces for DVD’s, Interactive TV and the Internet. We can see your brand transferred seamlessly to the web, incorporating it within highly usable interfaces to ensure a great looking and effective marketing or business tool.

We also understand how end users approach interactive design. We know what they expect, what keeps them engaged and what drives them away. This allows us to create user-friendly interfaces that work to enhance your online profile and increase conversion rates

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