What We Do

Search Engine Optimization

You may have a great looking site but unless it has been optimised, potential customers may never find it. Search Engine Optimisation increases the visibility of your website to search engines and improves its placement in search results.

An effective search engine optimisation campaign can levitate your website to the top of the ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo! We provide search engine optimization services that combine to positively impact the site visibility within the organic search engine results.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the terms and phrases that real users type into search engines such as Google in order to find a website. We will identify which keywords and phrases will bring traffic to your website and then use that information to establish the most suitable key phrases to target.

Website Analysis and Recommendations

We will carry out an in-depth analysis of your site to identify problems that might prevent it ranking higher. This will include the streamlining of the code, presentation and the site architecture. It will also involves fixing problems that could prevent search engines from fully indexing a website.

Changes that we often recommend include

  • Improving content text
  • Validating HTML code
  • Improving the site navigation
  • Modifying tags especially the title tags
  • Modifying alt attributes

Website Design Consultation

Working with your website designers to ensure that your new site is fully optimised.

Traffic Analysis

Analysis of your website visitor behaviour to improve retention and conversion rates.

Blog and Social Media Marketing

Generating an online buzz and more one-way links to your site using Web 2.0 sites.

We work strictly according to best-practice guidelines set out by Google, MSN, Yahoo! and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). We do not use any “black hat” techniques, which could result in Google, MSN or Yahoo! banning a site from their search.

Increase your search visibility and revenue.
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